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The Best Floors for Wheelchair Use in Homes

The Best Floors for Wheelchair Use in Homes

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When it comes to choosing the right flooring for wheelchair users, there are many factors to consider. Since wheelchairs are very heavy; especially power wheelchairs, you want to make sure you choose flooring that can withstand the pressures that will constantly be on it. If you or a loved one is a wheelchair user, you want to make sure you understand which flooring types are best suited for you.

Tile flooring is a very popular flooring choice for wheelchair users. Tile can withstand the constant pressures of wheelchairs. Another great quality is that they are easily cleaned and scuff marks can simply be wiped off. Tile is easily installed as well as affordable.

Bamboo floors tend to be another popular flooring choice for those who use wheelchairs. Typical wood floors cannot withstand the pressures of wheelchairs and will show ware much faster. Bamboo floors are not only visually appealing but they also provide excellent traction for the rubber wheelchair wheels.

Rubber and vinyl tile floors are also good choice. They provide good traction for wheelchairs and tend to be resilient to everyday wheelchair tracking. These floors are also slip resistant so the wheelchair user will have an easier time getting into the wheelchair without the fear of it slipping from behind them.

Carpet is not a recommended choice for wheelchair users as they do not always roll well on carpet. Also, over time, you will begin to see track marks in the carpet. Even if you were to go with a Berber carpet, it still causes the wheelchair to use more energy than it would need to on a smooth surface.

Make sure when you are deciding on which flooring is best for you as a wheelchair user, you take these important factors into consideration.

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